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Praxis is a youth organization established in 1995 to create an area to express the creativity of young people to hold events for the local people in Serres and to help the personal development of young people and to inform them about various opportunities that exist from European volunteer mobility programs. Over the years we have worked together and helped many young people find their way and do what they really wanted by experiencing unprecedented experiences dynamic, meaningful and useful for their life and work. In recent years and when the refugees came here to Serres of course, we decided to develop other activities in order to feel good and safe in the city of Serres and to help to integrate with us, the citizens of this city. The activities are many and varied integrating young people from the Erasmus+ program and the volunteering – solidarity programs and one of these activities and thoughts were to use sports football and more to better achieve this integration. 

We try through sports activities to create the right environment for refugees to contribute to their smooth integration into the local community of Serres. Why do we use sports activities? Sport is a global language, a language you don’t need to have studied to be able to communicate. The games and especially the games that come from sports activities is a tool that we use a lot in our methodology here in Serres. What we always pay attention to, is to use tools that come from training in which we have participated and those that have been created and those that have been created through experience and our collaboration with other organizations. Through the Empowerment Through Sports program, we have done various seminars and other specific actions, even tournaments in this direction. The last thing we ask from all Serres residents and refugees is to take part in these seminars following our specialists and mentors so that they can deal with sports and through it in practice and life against discrimination. 

The PRAXIS methodology used in recent years is based on four main axes. The first axis relates to the values and principles derived from Olympism from the Olympic Games. The second key axis has to do with the flexibility of the actions, we organize so that we can reach as many target groups as possible. 

The third basic axis that we use in our methodology is related to the clear rules to help the participants in sports activities to be able to understand the content from the beginning and enjoy the game without any interference and difficulties. The fourth and main axis of our actions has to do with the cooperation on issues concerning groups coming from vulnerable social groups – the cooperation of the organizations is very important and an action that comes from the cooperation of various bodies can only be successful. So we focus on that and try to invite other local and international agencies and organisations to contribute to the work of our organization.

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