Local Sports Events in Lithuania

Basketball practice

28-29th June 2019 in Kaunas

Led by Lithuanian Basketball Federation with a support of Active Youth Association. With 45 youngsters with underprivileged background and also representing minorities, professional trainings together with non formal education methods.


2nd of July 2020 in Kaunas

Organized by Lithuanian Basketball Federation. The event invited participants to shoot unconventional shots to the basket while being dressed in an unconventional manner as well. Everyone was invited to participate, regardless of participants’ physical abilities. There were a total of 70 participants in the event, 33 of which were people with physical disabilities.

Local Sports Event in Greece

Relay Races

12th October – 13th October 2019 in Serres

Organized by PRAXIS. Football practice was organized for 45 youngsters, including boys & girls as well as youth representing different minorities (religious, ethnic, LGBTQ).

Local Sports Event in Romania

Volleyball competition

8th of February 2020 in Timișoar

Organized by Center of Strategies for Youth Development. A volleyball competition with a total of 47 participants, mainly youngsters. The target group involved young people with financial difficulties, coming from areas with difficult access to sports or without any access to sport facilities in general.

Local Sports Event in Latvia

Empowering seniors

30-31st of August 2020 in Malpils municipality

Organized by Project Net. The main target group of the event was seniors and adults (55 years old and older) who have limited access to sport and physical activities. The event gathered 45 participants and helped to raise awareness of seniors and sport workers about everyday leisure activities that could be done by seniors to keep up good health and socializing.

Local Sports Event in Slovenia

Empowering Roma people

27 September 2020 in Ljubljana

Organized by the Slovenian Sokol Federation. The aim of these events was to promote the integration of Roma children and their families into social life. The multiplier event was co-organized together with the Moravske Toplice Sports Association, receiving the help of the Roma community. The final event was attended by 45 Roma people and members of even 5 different associations of the Slovenian Sokol Federation.

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