Social Inclusion Training

25th of June – 3rd of July 2019 in Kaunas

During the 7 day training, sports workers from each partner organisation (2 per organisation) has gathered to learn the methods outlined in the created methodology, as well as create further means to improve it. At the same time, on the last days of the training, a public sports tournament & seminar were hosted to facilitate social inclusion in sports for all. Here, disadvantaged groups were invited to play together for empowerment and learn how to spread the results further.

Time For Activities!

It made me think about sport in a little bit different way. I believe that I wont be afraid to invite people from vulnerable groups to join me during a game.

Useful and important project. Sports are universal language which everyone can speak and understand. Sports can help our communities to include all the citizens.
-Moysidis Panagiotis/Georgios-

The project was even better than I imagined ! I gained new friends and knowledge that I will definitely put in practice.

  • We are trying to get to know each other well and create the team spirit despite of all differences through name games, orientation games and project games

  • We think that we can explore new ideas with brainstorming and discussions about human rights, inequality problems and social inclusion through sport. We believe in the power of non formal educational methods helping us to gain new knowledge about topic.

    • Silence discussion
    • Country workshop
    • Methodology creation workshop
    • Refugees inclusion through sport workshop
  • Experiencing in the real life what we’ve talked about in sessions is crucial !

  • Each of us has a different culture to show its characteristics to everyone ! Time to both discover and also have fun !