We aim to create contact between different social groups to foster social inclusion, make young people understand how minority discrimination works and how to counteract this.


“Language of sports is understood by all”


Today, the discrimination is faced by many different groups:

Everone no matter of their religion, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation can play and live together.

  • LGTBQ people can not get married nor adopt children and have to face daily discrimination in issues such as blood donation, freedom of speech and employment in Lithuania. .

  • Greece is one of the main entrances to Europe for refugees. Right now, more than 60.000 refugees wait there for their relocation in other EU countries. 

  • Romani people in Romania are three times more likely to be born in poverty and 60% of Romani men are unemployed in Romania.

  • It is not uncommon in Latvia for LGBTQ minorities groups to be harassed or even attacked. LGBTQ still have restricted rights, like the prohibition of marriage or adoption.

  • Similar to Romenia, it is a common joke amongst Slovenian public administration that “For a Romani, the easiest personal document to obtain, by far, is a death certificate”.

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